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What does Mentorvennoot do?

  • Mentorvennoot has a network of successful people who offer their knowledge and experience as mentors especially to young entrepreneurs.
  • An entrepreneur who experiences any form of business problem can contact us.
  • We circulate an anonymous description of the specific problem or need and identify an expert that has preferably solved the problem before or knows it intimately.
  • We introduce the entrepreneur and mentor to each other and we set up a simple, standard agreement with both parties that:
    • Outlines the content and timeline of the mentoring task.
    • Specifies the conditions and criteria for a successful outcome.
    • Specifies the amount payable for the mentoring service (if applicable).
  • Mentoring will be monitored for timeous and successful completion.
  • We try to find institutional and government funds to help entrepreneurs who cannot afford to pay for the mentoring services.



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